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– Darth Vader

Darth Vader No GIF

Does it fit your dastardly needs, Darth Vader?

No is one of the many notable quotes from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and the infamous Hotel Mario. The ending of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was marked with this catchphrase, said by Darth Vader after he is told of the death of Padme by Lord Sidious. For fans, this scene was a rather anti-climactic ending for the trilogy, which made it very easy to parody and make fun of. It is said when Gay Luigi and Fat Mario approach Larry's cave. Luigi asks Mario if he brought a flashlight, because it's always a good idea to bring those to picnics in broad daylight. Mario turns and simply replies "NO...". After a long pause, Luigi says that they should "persuade" a Koopa to lend them his. Mario is not the only character who says no. Many other people, like Dr. Robotnik and Patchy the Pirate, say no too.


Isn't this a great article, Mario?

List of characters who say NoEdit


Oscar's reaction to Fish Hooks being ended cancelled forever.

Darth Vader NOOOOO! sparta night club mix (warning its loud)02:13

Darth Vader NOOOOO! sparta night club mix (warning its loud)

Darth Vader's being a Spartan has allowed him to take over the No Fad.

【SPARTA REMIX】Darth Vader Says NOOOOOOO!!!!!! *Headphones please*02:21

【SPARTA REMIX】Darth Vader Says NOOOOOOO!!!!!! *Headphones please*

D. Vader's remixed return

Darth Vader Noooooo! Sparta Hunter Remix02:10

Darth Vader Noooooo! Sparta Hunter Remix

OMG the Darth Vaderness!!!

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