The Nintendo GameCube, often shortened to GameCube, is a purple metal brick who was the mascot of the Nintendo GameCube System.  Not only that, it actually lives inside the gaming system!  The GameCube is a creature of habit.  Each time the owner of the GameCube System turns it on, the GameCube insists on jumping on a larger gelatinous version of itself, walking around the perimeter while leaving a purple trail behind, and when the trip is almost complete, the GameCube abruptly jumps into the center of the gelatin cube.  Then all the tiles left behind by the GameCube fuse into a single piece of metal that greatly resembles the letter G.  No one knows why the GameCube does this arcane routine, and thus it is often vulernable to being teased for its strange behaviors.  Eventually the GameCube got tired of the teasing and decided to tease the bullies back by glitching.  But because it has no nervous system, the GameCube couldn't recognize which people were its tormentors or which were its friends, so it simply decided on glitching on everybody.  And to this day, many people have experienced GameCube glitches that range from sudden stutter loops to bizarre deformities to musical outbreaks to even spontaneous combustion!
Nintendo Gamecube Startup Screen00:08

Nintendo Gamecube Startup Screen

The GameCube's normal routine before it was bullied to insanity

My GameCube is fucked up!03:45

My GameCube is fucked up!

I'll tell you what happened to your GameCube--you teased it because of its strange behaviors and now it's teasing you back by glitching. U mad?

Youtube Poop - GlitchCube01:33

Youtube Poop - GlitchCube

Meh, I never liked dat GameCube anyway

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