Ninch'a Warden Part 109:34

Ninch'a Warden Part 1

Part one.

Ninch'a Warden Part 208:08

Ninch'a Warden Part 2

Part two.

Ninch'a Warden is a YouTube Poop movie/series created by heyitsmechadwarden on YouTube. Heyitsmechadwarden also claims to be metallictunefilms.


Ninch'a Warden is a YouTube poop series made using only Ms paint and Windows Movie maker. The style is usually satirical. It started off with a lot of classic YouTube poop references but later led down the road to making fun of video game reviewers like Irate Gamer and Silent rob. 

Story so farEdit

The story is about Chad Warden and Arnold Schwarzenegger as they head off to stop a group of hackers from hacking PSN before PSN decides to shit it down permanetely. Chad Warden and Arnold come acrosss many old YouTube poop icons like Irate Gamer, Morshu and sonic fags like Chris Chan and Guptill89 as they go off to stop these hackers.


  • In Part 3, its revealed that metallictunefilms created heyitsmechadwarden to impersonate Chad warden and troll several users on Walrusguy's chatroom. Later he got bored and made the precursor to Ninch'a Warden, "Chad Warden buys a ps3".
  • The series uses characters from No Date Gamers.
  • ninch'a warden is said by the creator said it was influenced by works of iamthegang, nintendobrad, kitty0706 and meleemario720.

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