"Vodka is love. Vodka is life"
– Official Motto of Nikolaism

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Nikolaism Symbol

Nikolaism is a religion followed by only the most manly people on Earth, which amounts to about 3% of the total population. It was created by Nikolai Belinski. There are several major rules of Nikolaism. There is only one church of Nikolaism and it's in Moscow, Russia. It follows the book of Nikolaion.


  • You shall not use "Thou"
  • You will drink at least 4 bottles of vodka a day unless too young
  • You will only listen to rock music at 144 decibels
  • You will lift weights that are over 100 pounds.
  • You will look people in the face
  • You will hail Russia
  • You will eat only meat
  • You will act before think.
  • You will shoot all who steal Vodka
  • You will defy anyone with a power level under 22,000
  • You will only play Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty



It was founded in WW2 by Nikolai Belinski. At first, only Russia followed it and that was only 8% of the population. After Nikolai said Vodka during his speech, the 8% turned into 87%, later spiking to 100% when all Non-nikolaists were killed. Now, Nikolaism has spread across the world but it doesn't get the reputation it deserves.



  • True Nikolaism = Followed by mainly Russians. Follows all rules to the max.
  • Arendellian Nikolaism = Follows all rules but instead of vodka, it's wine
  • Koridan Nikolaism = Hails Koridai rather than Russia
  • Equestrian Nikolaism = Drinks beer rather than vodka, followed mainly by Bronies there.