The Neo Saiyan Empire Constitution was changed when Broly became the first Emperor of the Neo Saiyan Empire. The original constitution was created during the monarchy of Planet Vegeta. When Broly was crowned, he took the name Caligula.

Article 1, The Senate

  • The Senate has no political power. The Senate is just there to make the illusion of Democracy.
  • The Senate is made of the rich 1% and politicians associated with the oil and uranium industries.

Article 2, The Emperor

  • Emperor Caligula has all the legal power of a absolute monarch.
  • Emperor Caligula is considered a eternal god with his own temple in the imperial palace. Emperor Caligula has his own military battalion nicknamed Caligula's Fist.
  • Emperor Caligula has the power to instantly sentence a person to death, even though the person just got a prison sentence or was innocent.

Article 3, The Courts

  • The Courts can arrest citizens if they are suspected traitors. The courts are consisted of the federal courts, the state courts, and local courts.
  • The Secret Police known as the NSA (National Surveillance Agency) is a part of the federal courts. They can arrest anyone who is suspected of treason or against the government.

Article 4, The Military

  • The Military is consisted of Red Ribbon Army soldiers, the Saiyan Army, and the Imperial army. The military has its own courts to charge deserters and terrorists. Caligula's Fist is the most elite battalion in the military.

Article 5, Religion Edit

  • The Religion is based off of the ancient Roman gods. The Emperor is considered a god (read Article 2 for more details of the emperor being an eternal god)

In summary, The Neo Saiyan Empire is a absolute monarchy with a state religion, Roman/Saiyanism, a pervasive secret police known as the NSA (National Surveillance Agency), and has a large military with the emperor having his own battalion known as Caligula's Fist.

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