Nazz Van Bartonschmeer

Nazz is a girl from a show Ed Edd n Eddy she is the love interest of all boys in the cartoon (except Jimmy and Rolf) she is know to be the only cul-de-sac kid that is not mean to the Eds and most of the times helps them in their adventures.

Powers and abilities Edit

While in her YouTube poops she doesn't have any powers or abilites she can however use magic in Ed Edd n Eddy fanfictions and was saw using a gun in force of baron o beef dip

Trivia Edit

  • Surprisingly she and the other kids don't appear in mmorpg online game Fusion fall it's possible that she and the other kids were killed.
  • In little eds something Nazz has a robotic,Dutch-like voice possibly because of rumor she comes from there.
  • Cdi Link once wanted to marry her but she ran away screaming
    Youtube Poop Everybody Loves Nazz10:55

    Youtube Poop Everybody Loves Nazz

    Everybody Loves Nazz: one of the many YouTube poops that Nazz appeared in

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