The Nasty Patty.

The Nasty Patty is a food served at the Krab Krusty. It was originally served to kill the health inspector, but Spengbab noticed how easy and cheap it is to make so it is now served along with the regular Krap Patty. The Nasty patty is made with ingredients so vile, it kills anyone that eats it within a few seconds.

Plankton, being the idiot that he is, tries this steal the formula for it, despite the fact that it can be found online and that no one ever eats it. Despite this, he will never give up trying to steal this seriously nasty piece of crap.

The Nasty Patty has only sold 1 patty and that was Plankton trying to steal it.


The Formula


  • Two 0.25m stale buns
  • One kg of Crap
  • 1:1 mixture of moss and mold
  • 0.5 liters of blood
  • 0.35 liters of pus
  • 1.25 cups of sand
  • 1 cup of love
  • 4 heaping pounds of freshly ground Plankton


  • Thoroughly mix the crap with the sand
  • Cook the crap-sand combination but nothing else
    • To cook, place the crap-sand combination on a grill for 30 mins. Flip occasionally.
  • Drop it in a toilet... and fish it out with your gym socks.
  • Stack it all in random style except the buns go on the outside.