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My Little Pony!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Background Information
Nation Equestria Equestria
Publishing date 2010 - present
Company Hasbro Inc.
Seasons 5
Actors Mane Six (and Twilight Snapple plus Flutterrage), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Derpy Hooves, Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, Tobuscus
First broadcast

– Nopony

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (My Little Pony Generation 4) was an unsuccessful toy franchise for 3-8 year old girls in 1983 and is presented by Hasbro until its remake in 2010 by Lauren Faust, it has become one of the memes that the internet termially sufers from due to its overpopularity and obsessed fanbase. Note that it's indeed still a series for little girls (although everybody is free to watch this), but the earlier generations with its (more) degenerated an brainless ponies are even distinctly worse than the current generation.


When Twilight Sparkle is forced out her home to quit writing Hetalia fanfiction and go make some real friends, she goes to Ponyville with her assistant as a dragon, Spike. Within five minutes, she makes five new friends who, rather coincidentally bear along with her the six Elements of Harmony with which they go on many adventures so the audience can overcome their zoophilliac shame and learn the social skills they desire.


Bronies are a peculiar sub-human species that serve as the link between humans and pigs. Due to having no social (but social welfare), love, or working life, they find the time to spread the memes, but horrible fanart called "OCs" from deviantART and Know Your Meme. They have ultimately turned a once enjoyable show into the greatest polemic on the internet since Desu. Despite the show's teachings, bronies are extremely hostile towards humans who speak against them, and often attempt to force others into The Herd. It is the name of the group where they to seek the social acceptance they didn't quite find in the realworld. Bronies come in two breeds; one a fat 40 year old living alone as the government provides for him, and the other, a greasy teenager with any form of "high functioning" autism. Do not be confused, at least they are not so idiots like those people. A female brony is known as a "pegasister", though it is hard to tell the difference.


Who the hell is "Pinky"?


M.L.P. has lots of porn and sex. This caused Mario, Sonic, Ash Ketchum, Quagmire and Justin Bieber to get jealous. People who watch that are called cloppers. Cloppers are "special edition" androids created by 4chan with a purpose of watching pony porn. They come in two forms: Horny Teenagers and 40 year olds. Cloppers are usually male but on rare occasions, they can be female. They are not to be mistaken for perverts. Anyway, Mario and Sonic were frustrated that a candy colored pony ass was considered more sexy than them, so Sonic went Super Saiyan and Mario transformed into King Leonidas. 4chan was crushed due to Sonic's spamming abilliy and Mario's Spartan ability. Nowadays, cloppers still exist, but they are very low in number.

In YouTube Poop

Like every other source, a YTP is not worth watching as it's made by the same greasy 13-14 year olds who watch the show. MLP Poops are usually done in a modern style with more annoying special effects and less funny content. There are, however, Poops for this source that can be passable, even if they are all made by Bronies (and rarely Pegasisters).


  • In Fuhur, it was illegal to view the series or buy/sell/import any franchise for My Little Pony.
  • Also many other states (not as extreme as Fuhur did it) in the YTP World restrict content and mindset from MLP.

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