YTP Brum gets Brain washed 002 0002

Mike Cavanaugh, the Museum Owner of Cotswold Motoring Museum where Brum lives.

After that WTF BOOM explosion, He would yell "STOP!" Not only he said Stop after the explosions, He would also yelled stop if anythings terrible happening to Brum or if they're was a big fight. 

He mainly appeared in the opening and closing theme of the children's t.v show, Brum, But he only made a starring appearance in 'Scrapyard'.


  • Brum
  • Collecting Cars
  • the word "STOP!"
  • Crossing guards
  • flowers
  • Dinner
  • Scrapyards (Even though, Brum doesn't like it; he only dislikes it when Brum or any of his cars from the museum was there.


  • Explosins
  • Big Fights
  • Anything bad happened to Brum
  • Scrapyard Owner (Because he thinks the museum owner wastes his time.)
  • killing peoples and animals
  • Scrapyards (sometimes)
  • Lebanese
  • Daffy Duck (Because he's Crazy)
  • Monsters destroying the city
  • Bulk and Skull (because they wouldn't listen)
  • Weegee
  • Noise
  • People sneaking in his museum stealing any of his things.


YTP Brum gets Brain washed 002 0001


The museum man uses this catch phrase when anything's bad was going on, as shown at the top above. This was originally used in the first season of Brum, episode 3, 'Scrapyard'. 

In Real Life, He is not really an actor, but was actually a real museum owner and founder. He was retired in 1999 and was replaced by a different person.


YTP Brum gets Brain washed by Evil Rita Repulsa-105:36

YTP Brum gets Brain washed by Evil Rita Repulsa-1


No! WTF BOOM!!!00:16



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