"Now a days, if you try to hijack a plane with a bomb strapped to your chest. The pasengers will just wrap you up in a American flag, and start to beat the crap out of you while screaming MURICA!"
– Matthew Santoro

Daily painting 956 freedom intensifies og by cryptid creations-d8zw9i5


Muricaism is a far MURICA wing political ideology, that is used mainly in the United States. It first appeared in 4825, in the deep southern of the US. It eventually started to grow, which eventually doomed America.

Aside from America, Muricaism has appeared in other countries. Such as Ireland, Canada, and Bikini Bottom. However, America is the only country where it has political power. No one knows how Muricaism came to be, or who invented it, mostly because no on wants to know.

Most of the influence the ideology has, is from the Murica Party.

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