– The official party statement on Gay Marrige, Slavery, and everything else

Murica Party
Background Information
Leader Moe Freedom
Founding date 1977
Party identification Muricaism
Famous members
Headquarter Texas, USA

The Murica Party is a political party that is located exclusively in America. It's political views are unknown, as the only word the members know how to say is "MURICA". However, it is predicted that the party is right wing as most of the members were once republicans until they forgot all words other than Murica.


The Murica Party was founded in 1977. The Leader, when questioned why he left the Republican Party, responded with "Murica. Murica murica! Murica..." The party slowly overtook American politics, and gained unanimous support in 2012.

After that, the America (which they named Murica for obvious reasons) went to hell. The few Americans who did kept their intellegence escaped to Canada, never to return. They started turning a once great nation to a pile of dog shit, and left an opening for another country to take its place as superpower. In 2016, it is stated that the Murica Party will be running unopposed.

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