Munf Munf

Munf Munf is The King's favourite cereal. He always eats them for breakfast, as those nutritious cornflakes give him power for the rest of the day.

Munf Munf made its first appearance in CraaazyCat13's 'YouTube Poop Cartoon: MUNF MUNF!' And then was featured in many other videos, such as 'King Crisis part 1' by Meleemario720.

Youtube Poop Cartoon MUNF MUNF!01:32

Youtube Poop Cartoon MUNF MUNF!


Munf Munf was first designed by Hylian drug scientists to design the most addictive drug and disguise it as food. The plan worked, and got even the King addicted.

The King ordered 420 factories to stop producing vital stuff for Hyrule and instead produce said drug. The King bought out 50% of the factories for his own use.

Surprisingly, Hyrule didn't collapse. To this day, Munf Munf makes Hyrule 95% of its GDP.

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