Mr. Game and Watch!

Mr. Game and Watch is a flat, Monochrome man who is part of the Dimension Warriors. He is one of the oldest video game characters of all time and history. He was made by Nintendo.


Mr. Game and Watch was born in March 1980, 2 months before Pac-Man. He was said to have revolutionized gaming with his Game and Watch games. Now, He enjoys helping out R.O.B and the other Dimension Warriors. He also is good friends of Vinnie.


  • Mr. Game and Watch's moves in the Smash Bros series are all based off his games on the Game and Watch system.
  • He communicates by beeping (because of this, he is said to have a potty mouth, and is a target of Skips).
  • Mr. Game and Watch can turn into an octopus, a skill he uses in underwater combat.
  • Tabuu knows he is made of Shadow Bugs.
  • He is Pac-man's third cousin, but only Tabuu and You know this.
  • For whatever reason, he has 9,001 Hillary Clinton clones.
  • He has eaten at Subway in order to try to be 3D. That only makes him fat and still not 3D.

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