A drawing of Mr. Dr. Prof. Patrick.

Mister Doctor Professor Patrick is the completely different form of Patrick Star himself.

Description Edit

Mr. Dr. Prof. Patrick is, relative to Patrick Star, really intelligent. His highest score on a test was 1/100, and he can count all the way to 3. He knows the entire alphabet, and he is working on graduating from preschool.

People having been helped by him Edit

He has helped many people, including:

  • Spongebob - Sickness, Inventions, AIDs, Spinters
  • Fat Mario - Invented a giant meatball so he'd be satisfied.
  • Bowser - Helped in the making of his sour puss bread. (Hint: The word "puss" is used because he required some of Princess Peach's pussy juice to make it.)

History Edit

One day, while captured by Eggman, Mr. Dr. Prof. Patrick was being interrogated. He was being asked extremely hard questions such as "What is your name?" and "What letter comes after A?". Eggman got sick of Patricks idiocy, so he enrolled him to the well-known Wumbo University. After that, he immediately knew the alphabet including additional characters such as ' and ", his name, and the ability to count to 3.

He was able to escape due to his knowledge, and then he made his own lab and started his career as a doctor and professor. With it, he invented a mirror lightbulb box.