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Mr.Bean (Played by Rowan Atkinson) is a character from a British television show with the same name.                         It has been Popular all around the . It also has its own Animated TV Show and 5 movies.                                                                                             There are many pictures of Mr.Bean found on google images. (For example, Mr.Bean as George Bush)

Mr-bean (1)


Mr Bean - The Boombastic Dance00:40

Mr Bean - The Boombastic Dance


  • Mrs. Wicket and her pet cat.
  • Waiting too long
  • Wasting time
  • Weegee
  • Link being naked
  • Naked Girls
  • Disasters (Even though he caused it)
  • Bully in the Launderette
  • 3 wheeler
  • Ganon
  • Dentist
  • Mr. T
  • Kids


  • He looks like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

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