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Fucking people


9999.9 kg

Morshu is a Koridian shopkeeper. He currently has one employee. Even though he's not a member of the UMA. He aides them and lets them use his shop as a hideout.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Fucking People
  • Rupees
  • Himself
  • Sitting on shoplifters
  • His shop
  • Tails
  • His movie
  • Flipping off people who don't have enough rupees
  • Pissing People off
  • The UMA
  • Giving people the middle finger.


  • Sonic
  • Plankton
  • I M Mean ( He called Him a fat fuck)
  • Being called a pig
  • Shoplifters
  • People who tell him his movie sucks
  • Companies who sue him

People who dislikes Morshu

  • Plankton
  • Sonic


Island of Lower Prices

The location of Morshu's shop in Koridai.

His shop, nicknamed "Morshu's Shop of Horrors", is named "Morshu's Island of Lower Prices". Products sold at the shop include lamp oil, rope, bombs, hot tubs, blank maps, exploding alarm clocks, and vodka. Most of his customers are crazy drunks who pay him in dimes for more booze. He never gives credit and demands all payment upfront. In case things go wrong, he keeps a shotgun under his counter.

Morshu is not satisfied with just owning a small business, he has a very close assiciation with Team Rocket with one of their secret bases being underneath his shop. His bombs are sold on the black market to Rocket and other criminal organizations. Morshu dodges the law like a bullet and is able to keep away any investigations with lies and bribes.

Morshu's Only Unsatisfied Customer



Morshu's only unsatisfied customer.



Despite his corrupt nature, Morshu is a very likable guy and almost everybody likes him... almost everybody. Plankton is the only person ever to have been unsatisfied and not like Morshu. The incident began when Plankton came to the Island of Lower Prices to purchase bombs, but to both of their annoyance, Plankton did not know what a rupee was. Once Morshu told Plankton what a rupee was, he presented Morshu with a Green Rupee, which wasn't nearly enough for the bombs. Frustrated, Morshu sent Plankton away, telling him to come back when he was a little...MMMM...richer. An unsatisfied Plankton left the shop, hijacked a bus, and ran over Morshu. However, Plankton did not realize that Morshu is invincible and can't die.


It is rumored that Morshu had a hidden sex tape with Impa back in 1984.


Music Artist

Morshu Breaks Out In Song With MMMore POWAH!04:49

Morshu Breaks Out In Song With MMMore POWAH!

The MMMMMM Album

Morshu later became a singer. He gave it up after his first album, because he was sued by multiple companies for singing songs they owned without permission.

Movie Director

A Morshu Move - Trailer00:20

A Morshu Move - Trailer

The "A Morshu Movie" Trailer

Morshu got a job directing a movie about himself called "A Morshu Movie". It is going to be the  biggest bugeted movie in universe history, because Morshu is awesome! The trailer is already out.

His only employee

Morshu currently only has one employee, Tails. Tails took the job as an excuse to advoid Sonic. Tails currently has to beat up shoplifters and flip off people who don't have enough Rupees. 

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