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The king's taxes

Duke Onkled stealing inspecting The King's tax money.

"We've got to have... MONEY."

Money is a medium used to buy and sell stuff. It is the most-desired thing in the world–yes, even more than Magic Drugs–and is something all true warriors strive for, according to King Harkinian, who, like many leaders, takes it from people through taxes. Certain people, like Lickboot and Fortran, are even more obsessed with it than most and randomly rant about how important it is. This is true even moreso for Mr. Krabs, who thinks money is a living thing and will do anything it takes to get more.

Known Types of MoneyEdit

Spongebob "Money money money money money"00:04

Spongebob "Money money money money money"

Money in our society

  • Dollars & Cents ($/¢)
    • American
    • Canadian
  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Rupees
  • Rings
  • Coins
  • The Euro (€; common in Europe)
  • The Japanese Dollar (also called Yen)
  • British Pound
  • International Money (example: Philippine Peso)
  • Nikolaism Credits
  • Russian Ruble

People Who Like MoneyEdit

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