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Mama Robotnik
Mama Robotnik is a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. She is the mother of Doctor Ivo Robotnik and the grandmother of Maria Robotnik.

She is half cowboy half person.

She is kept in an asylum, though she escapes from time to time. Her insanity is enough to scare even Robotnik himself. She is voiced by Michael Donovan.

Mama Robotnik has black eyes with red irises and a pink nose and wears a bulging pink dress, large green hat and black shoes. She is 78 years old, and was born in April 25, 1935.

On the first episode she appeared on she didn't have a mustache until Sonic pulled Doctor Robotnik's mustache off and stuck it on her.
The adventures of sonic the hedgehog episode 63 part 2 youtube 0002

The bitch is now making pies, but not getting pay for it.

She also appears in Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop 4, as the main antagonist. She recruits Chad Warden to help her and kidnaps Princess Peach. When Sonic invades her lair, she tells him that if he doesn't cooperate, she will destroy Youtube Poop with a Subspace bomb. Sonic reluctantly agrees, and is locked in a prison cell. He is rescued by the main characters of Rata-toing. She is eventually killed by the heroes after Chad Warden's death at the hands of Snake.




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