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Mobians are one of the four intelligent and domanent species in YouTube Poop World. The other being HumansElves, and Ponies. Of the four they land 2nd in largest population. How the species came to be is unknown (and maybe it's best unknown).

Mobians in different NationsEdit


This is the nation Mobians came from, they pretty much make up over 90% of the nations population.


Mobians are the second largest in Canada, next to humans. They generally have the same rights as humans. Canada's current president is a Mobian.

Equestria Edit

Equestrians and Mobians were netural at first. Mainly because Celestia didn't recognize them as intelligent species, but were forced to fight together during the YouTube Poop World War II. Today, Mobians have also the same rights as humans. Many Mobians still immigrate to Equestria. They are the second biggest ethnicity in Equestria.

The Pingas EmpireEdit

There was once a time when the discrimination against Mobians hugely existed in the hate filled nation of the Pingas Empire. They were commonly beaten, and taken as slaves as the Pingas Empire is not at the point of banning slavery. Since the last war ended, Dr. Robotnik has proclaimed Mobians superior and the peace again reigns.

Planet Pop StarEdit

While Mobians are not enslaved in Planet Pop Star, they often face discrimination, and are treated as inferior to Humans. Many Mobian-PPSs are rebelling for equal rights.

Notable MobiansEdit

  • Comys Prower - First Mobian president of Canada.
  • Tails
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic's "friend"
  • Dark Tails - One of YouTube Poop's greatest heroes
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