Tails-Jason Vooheers (small)

Miles Mays when he possessed Tails.

Miles Mays (April 13, 1979 - October 27, 2015) was an insane murder who had tormented and killed many high school students across North America. Despite everything, he could never kill his mortal enemy - Lawrence "Gizmo" Checkenburg.



Miles Mays' spirit is a joker, he is always using creative and childish ways to kill his victims.


Miles Mays' body has no soul or spirit. All it knows is to hunt down who Miles Mays' Spirit wants, and to teleport them to Miles Mays Land.


Becoming a killerEdit

When Miles Mays was fourteen, he was bullied in high school. Eventually the bullying make him go insane, resulting in him killing the bullies. He then developed a obsession of killing people and was eventually shot and presumed dead. He spent 10 years of his life in the school's basement after that.


Ten years after the day Miles Mays was shot, a bunch of students were locked in the school at night. Miles Mays then started to kill them, until only one student (Gizmo, a student who was also being bullied before Miles Mays killed the bully) was still alive, he wasn't like the other thought. He was much smarter, and tricked Miles Mays.


Five years after Gizmo, Miles Mays attacked a school and nearly killed everyone. Then Gizmo somehow appeared and shot Miles Mays in the back of the head. Miles Mays died instantly. In hell Miles Mays made a agreement with Jewish Satan, and Miles Mays was revived in his own realm, known as Miles Mays Land. He also managed to possess Tails, who he later released after his body was revived. He's currently hoping to rejoin his body, and return to the normal realm. And later joined E.V.I.L

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