Midna laughs at you for wasting your parents' money.

Midna is a bug eyed lolicon imp who paraded her disproportionately large ass around Zelda Twilight Princess.

Unlike the other allies the many Links were forced to take with them, Midna was not needed by the TP Link, but rather she forces him to save her kingdom for her while the game's horrible excuse of a plot could revolve around her. She is a rude, selfish bitch who deserves no form of assistance.


Throughout the game, Midna does virtually nothing to help Link other that free him from a cell that he, if it weren't for her, wouldn't have been trapped inside in the first place. By doing this and offering to "help" him rescue his friends, she placed herself in a position to make demands and disallow Link to get on with his life. You would think that Link, once freed, would tell her to piss off like any sensible person, but he instead went out to save Teh Werld and his friends all by himself. In the meantime, Midna just hides in his shadow, staring at his unsightly tighty whities and stopping the game every five minutes to tell him he's doing something wrong and how stupid he is.

Later, Midna "warmed up" to Link, but was only acting nicer because she wanted him to keep doing things for her. She still did not give a damn about him and did not reward him.

Twili Midna Edit

This is midna's true form.She looks more serious.


Since Zelda fans have a heavily distorted understanding of what's cool and what's not, Midna was put on an undeserved pedestal despite being even more insufferable than the other allies who are despised. A large hoard of fans are demanding her return, which is impossible according to the ending of the very game she is in.

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