Micheal Myers is an insane maniac who goes around killing people in a mask. He killed his sister when he was six, after then he was put in an asylum - where he met is best friend (and only friend) Dark Tails. He eventually escaped the asylum fifteen years later, where he tried to find Dark Tails (who escaped a few years earlier).

After a long and epic quest, he eventually gave up. That's when he met and befriended Jason Vooheers, who soon became his BFF. Today, they works as partners for killing the innocent.

Character InfoEdit


  • Murder
  • Dark Tails
  • Jason Vooheers
  • kids
  • killing peoples
  • negan
  • some random phedophile
  • the gaming lemon
  • videogames
  • poop
  • facebook
  • youtube
  • a guy


child murders

his family

freddy kruger

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