Michael Brown

Michael plans his break in at your as house as you view this page.

Michael Brown is the latest hood rat to get pwned by a police officer in a clash of evil vs. good, except this time, evil lost for a change. He became the "victim" of a great injustice on the day his moms sent him to steal a box cigarettes along with his homie, Dorian Johnson. Everything was going with their fiendish plan until a brave hero named Officer Darren Wilson came forth and fulfilled his vow to protect and serve.

The battle was over, but the storm was brewing.

The Shooting

Having successfully stolen the merchandise, Michael was peacefully walking down the road planning on whom he would rape, kill, or rob next. But then our hero drove up and told Michael to get out of the fucking middle of the road. As a teenager, Michael could not comprehend correction and ever so wisely decided to attack an armed and well trained officer.

Michael attempted to retreat back to the hood, but Wilson gave chase. Instead of surrendering to someone well authorized to ram a nightstick up his ass, Michael turned around and once again tried to attack, only to kiss six bullets of sweet justice.


Ferguson was butthurt when they found out what a police officer does when someone tries to kill him and rationalized in their meth-fried brains that re-enacting the Travon Martin fiasco would bring their beloved back. Ironically, some would hold signs that read "Thou shalt not kill" even though at least half of them have blown off someone's head over a bag of weed before.

Wilson Wins

When Darren Wilson went to court, the judge, despite his efforts, could not punish Wilson for his service to society. Wilson was set free to continue his fight for justice.


Ferguson's jimmies were rustled to critical levels after the court's decision. They resorted to their primal instincts and RAEG'ed all over their shithole town, burning down buildings, stealing, and generally disrupting society just like their dearly departed Brown. Not to worry, however, as it's only a matter of time until someone drops a nuke on them so the world can finally move on.

Racism Card

The entire reason this shitfest is going on is because the leftards of America saw an opportunity to start another civil rights movement and make yet another "martyr" out of Brown despite the fact that the situation would have been exactly the same if a white kid had done this, only less people would have cared.