"The circumstances of one's birth is irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."
Mewtwo's famous inspirational quote.

Mewtwo is a psychic Pokémon that wants to be the best psychic Pokémon and most MLG Pokemon in the world, and is the main protagonist of War of the Squads with Dark Tails. It likes to kill overglorified blue dogs. Many know it as the only Pokémon created by scientology. However, Mewtwo decided not to follow their ways due to its above-average intellect. It joins the T.D Squad a time, later it was rejected and after a time, it becomes the new the Leader and former of the T.D Squad with the Death Squad like team partner.


Mewtwo was born on September 5, 1966 in England in the United Kingdom, specifically in the countryside just south of Devon, soon to become Airstrip One, as a result of Mozilla Firefox raping and somehow impregnating a cloning experiment done by stupid scientists who were killed by Mew.

Mewtwo was an idealistic youth and longed to make a difference in the world.

Much unlike many of its peers, it enjoyed growing up in a time of social reform.

It began attending school at Hogwarts University in 1981 where it met its future compatriate, Horatio Brother, Horatio was a very large man so everyone took to calling him Big Brother. Horatio and Mewtwo would sit in the back of their shared political science class and discuss the problems of government with each other and said how problems should be rectified. They soon created a campus club to raise awareness about the actions of the British government. Mewtwo is also known for founding Wikipedia in 1995.

Mewthree (a.k.a. A Mewtwo with a female voice)

Mewtwo Psychic SS026

A movie was made that would feature Mewtwo squaring off its copypaste, Genesect. Going out of their way to ignore continuity and piss off their fans, the writers pulled a second Mewtwo out of their asses without explaining where it came from since that would require about 10 minutes that they'd rather spend shoving Pikachu and Axnew in everyone's faces.

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One of the Generation V anime's last ditch attempts to redeem itself was creating a mind numbing filler saga that only milked the previous Gens. Having Mewtwo in the following movie was an obvious attempt to fish for ratings, which they got and maintained afterwards. And people wonder why the anime has made no progress.

Experience in the T.D Squad

Mewtwo joins the group, it has evil goals, but thanks to Dark Tails, Mewtwo can understand the real goals it needs to complete. It got bullied by Scratch and Grounder when it was a member, after the death of Grounder, Mewtwo kicks Scratch's ass.

Giygas Jr.

Giygas Jr. (its brother) has the plan to destroy all the members with its PSI powers, Mewtwo tries to convince him, but Giygas Jr. was full of rage after hears about the death of his cousin Skodwarde. Later, Mewtwo hears about Giygas Jr.'s death by Waweegee, Mewtwo got a fury and swore to seek vengeance.

Giywardeaugh Borns

Mewtwo sees when Giywardeaugh was created by Fizzy Walnuts and Colress, Mewtwo thinks Giywardeaugh was a bad idea but Tirek refused that, Then Mewtwo tries to stop Giywardeaugh with its Psychic powers, but it was defeated and injured by Giywardeaugh and his incredible power and Tirek throws it to the Trash considerating it a traitor. Later, it got escapes of the trash.

Leader of the T.D Squad

Later, When Lord Tirek was betrayed and Imprisoned and When Giywardeaugh was killed by the hands of Mors, Mewtwo returns to the T.D Squad proclaiming itself the new leader and former of the T.D Squad, Mewtwo kicks out all the bad members of the team.

It proclaims the peace between the T.D Squad and the Death Squad and seeks to complete its new goals thanks to Dark Tails.

War against Spinge Squad

After hears about Spingebill, Mewtwo trained to become more powerful, afterwards Mewtwo sends its apprentice Queen Chrysalis to explore the base of the Spinge Squad, However, she was injured by The Masked One. Colress got cure here later.


Queen Chrysalis, a new member founded by Severous Snape (the manager of the T.D Squad), Mewtwo taught Chrysalis and Luna about the Psychic powers, giving both the same powers of Mewtwo and thus granting them enough energy to destroy their enemies.

The Masked One

Later, Mewtwo knows about the Dark Mercury and then its real identity, Dark Tails, when Tobuscus tolds it and the T.D Squad about its battle. An enraged Mewtwo plans its revenge against Dark Tails considerating him a "Traitor", thanks to the help of Giygas (who was resucited and now is reformed).

Giygas Sacrifice

Mewtwo and Tubby sends Giygas and Da-Da to destroy the Dark Mercury, during the battle Giygas and Da-Da was gravely injured by Dark Mercury and in a moment of despair, Giygas destroys himself killing Dark Mercury and saving Da-Da of the great explosion. Mewtwo later, puts Giygas in the Honorary Members of the T.D Squad.

Destruction of the T.D Squad Base

Mewtwo, Tubby, Insane Woody and Severous Snape with the T.D and Death Squads are planning a method to put end to the Spinge Squad in the T.D Squad base and lamentably.. Destroy Dark Tails too.

Later, Dark Tails with the Spinge Squad members founds and destroy the base, Claude Frollo causes fire in the base, Mewtwo get out all the members of the base, In a finally opportunity, Mewtwo destroys the base with some Spinge Squad members (Cause You, Alduin and Herobrine sacrifices their selfs to destroy the Spinge Squad).

However, Dark Tails with some members got survives and now are more enraged than before.

Mewtwo Squad Borns

Mewtwo them sent forces to capture and kill Dark Tails who made an agreement with Da-Da, Dark Tails would not kill Da-Da and work as Da-Da's assassin and Da-Da ended up letting Dark Tails into the dream world. Dark Tails then entered the dream world, never to return. With that the Spinge Squad, the T.D Squad, and the Death Squad all declared him dead. Two months later they all entered peace and merged into one squad - the Mewtwo Squad.

Mewtwo Squad

Mewtwo Explication

Mewtwo did not have any ideas for the team yet, after Dark Tails and Da-Da betrayed the group, the members of the Death Squad feel sad over Dark Tails' betrayal, Mewtwo mentioned to Spingebill the real sentiments of a leader and his team. Spingebill feels bad for his evil actions in the Spinge Squad.

Members Dying

"I have been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again.... Dark Tails is now a monster sadistic demon and if there can be no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict, then I must not allow more darkness to fall upon this or any planet. Dark Tails must be destroyed!"
Exactly ten years after Dark Tails escaped to the dream world, half the members started to have nightmares of being chased by a shadow with the words "There's no escape", "I will have revenge", "It's over" blankly being echoed. The next morning Mama Luigi was found dead, with his heart on top of his chess. No one is sure what happened, but they all knew no one was safe.

The next day, Autopsy, Fizzy Walnuts, Colress, Robotnik and Severus Snape found a clue that can help to find Dark Tails. Unfortunately, all of them but Fizzy (who instead got permememt ambnesia) died the next night. The clue died with them.

Later, after Mewtwo hears about Severous death, it proclaims its goal to destroy Dark Tails.

Dream World

After hears about the death of Walleo and Waweegee, Mewtwo called Dark Tails threatening him with a battle, Dark Tails agreed with the condition of the Mewtwo Squad members also go to the battle, Mewtwo agreed. Little did Mewtwo know that Dark Tails is in the dream world, and is killing them from their dreams - so it can attack them, but they cannot attack back.

However, Thanks to Fizzy Walnuts a Dream Machine for Mewtwo was created, Fizzy remembers when Colress and Snape tolds him about the machine before dies, Mewtwo uses the machine with the Death Squad and sends them all to the Dream World.

Mewtwo is transported with the Death Squad, but Fizzy Walnuts had to stay in the base during the process.

Then Dark Tails began killing them one by one, wherein none of the received attacks having an effect. Tobuscus then realized it - they were asleep. He yelled telling everyone to wake up. The few still alive (Tobuscus, Mewtwo, all of the ponies, and Spingebill) all woke up, all wounded but alive. All the other dead - forever.

The next night, Tobuscus had a dream - not of Dark Tails but of someone else, a shadow, who told him that Da-Da was not the only one who sided with Dark Tails...some others betrayed the Mewtwo Squad as well. All but one faked their deaths in the battle (as in not really a battle) against Dark Tails. One is still in the Squad, someone who is least expected. Tobuscus decided to keep this between him and his friend Chrysalis.

Dark Tails returns and Joins the Mewtwo Squad

It's unknown how Tobuscus cured Dark Tails - but he did. Dark Tails then joined the Mewtwo Squad as the new co-leader. When Dark Tails sees Mewtwo he has an angry face, Dark Tails walks to Mewtwo and hugs him, Mewtwo changes to a happy face and hugs him too, Princess Luna and Celestia cry for the scene.

Weegee returns

Later, when The Coachman was killed, Darth Sonic disappeared and Weegee turned into a good guy. Mewtwo proclaims the War is over from now...

(For more information read the article War of the Squads)

Powers and Abilities

Even before the revolt against the British government, Mewtwo was singled out for its amazing abilities that put Jean Grey to shame. It was rumored to have a brain functioning at a level of energy sufficient for a large city. Some rumors even theorized that Britain is powered entirely by Mewtwo's brain, but as Mewtwo does not exist, that is clearly crimethink. Mewtwo developed this power further through intense projection of psychic energy. This energy always ended up turning dark purple for reasons unknown. As it was highly destructive, government officials ordered Mewtwo to wear a dorky-looking helmet, but due to the ridicule Mewtwo suffered, they sympathized and removed it, with the condition that Mewtwo must promise to never use its powers for evil. Although its brain has the power to crush the souls and minds of every person on the planet, Mewtwo still cannot retain more than 4 moves.


"Behold my powers! I am the most powerful Pokémon in the world!"

"So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?"

"Humans, you have served my purpose. I am sparing your lives, for the moment. But you cannot escape your fate."

"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

"Those voices... they're outside... where I must be."


  • Mewtwo can Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X and/or Mega Mewtwo Y.
  • Its height is 6'7 and weight is 269.0 lbs.
  • Its mainly advantageous ability is using telepathy to move objects and bowels.
  • Its main disadvantage carries unwilling ties to Scientology.
  • Mewtwo was considerated the most powerful Pokémon.
  • Mewtwo has encountered Mr. Krabs and Mr. Krabs blamed Squidward on the encounter.


  • Dark Tails
  • The Death Squad
  • The T.D Squad
  • The Peace
  • Being the best in the use of psychic powers
  • Giygas Jr.
  • Flying to the sky
  • Colress
  • Smoking weed
  • MLG
  • Going on an adventure


  • Lord Tirek
  • Giywardeaugh
  • Fizzy Walnuts
  • Moar Krabs
  • Donald Trump
  • Scratch
  • Grounder
  • Justin Bieber
  • Being Weak
  • Zalgo


  • Dark Tails
  • Pikachu
  • Lucario
  • Ash Ketchum
  • Colress
  • Members of the Death Squad
  • Members of the T.D Squad


  • Professor Fuji (Creator)
  • Mew (Brother)
  • Cloned Meowth (Brother)
  • Cloned Pikachu (Brother)
  • Viacom Mew (eviler clone)
  • ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd