The Enclosed Instruction Booklet

How can you get more evil than this?!

Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf - A revenge by Adolf Hitler.

Mein Kampf (German for My Struggle) is the evil version of the Enclosed Instruction Book. It was written by and known as a settlement of none other than Adolf Hitler. It is harmful to those who read it repeatedly, as they will slowly get brainwashed into Nazism. The reader's IQ will instantly drop by 21.

The book was locked away in its cell in the Hyrule State Prison so that no one can read it or even look at it.


Mein Kampf was written by Adolf Hitler on July 18, 1925, when he first met a Jew. Due to the Jew not conforming to him and accepting Jesus, he killed the man and wrote the book in his blood.

All later copies were written in red ink, but the Nazis continued their torture, having that as an excuse.

After Hitler was finally killed (by himself), nazism declined as the book was locked away. The book is still allowed in Ganon's Lair, the Death Star, Arendelle, North Korea and Sparta.

Known Readers of the Book