"it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you....
S h o u l d   b e   b u r n i n g   i n   h e l l."

Sans, before his boss fight
MeGaLoVania Squad is an evil organization founded by Dr. Andonuts, Giegue, Vriska, and Sans. All members should have special thing on their left eye. All of their enemies get dunked on, because they gonna have a bad time.

Note that this squad was made after the event of Genocide Route.





Temporary Members Edit

Honorable Members Edit

  • Giegue (Deceased and was sent to hell, but he got destroys Dark Mercury and Resurrected)

Rejected or Killed members Edit

"hm, i think that's not enough members to put them there. maybe you should add them to this member list."

Theme SongEdit

MEGALOVANIA - All Versions Layered (Earthbound, Homestuck, Undertale)02:52

MEGALOVANIA - All Versions Layered (Earthbound, Homestuck, Undertale)

Mashup Megalovania (Earthbound vs. Homestuck vs. Cogdis vs03:00

Mashup Megalovania (Earthbound vs. Homestuck vs. Cogdis vs. Undertale)


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