"This is illegal, you know!"
– His famous quote

Mayor Kravindish

Johnathan Kravindish (born December 21, 1964; age  52) is the Mayor of Koridai having been become famous for his quote "This is illegal you know."


He was born in the same hospital as King Harkinian and Dr. Robotnik. He went to High School learning many features of history and granduated in 1989. He became Mayor in 2000 and became the warden at Hyrule State Prison to ensure the peace will reign in Hyrule. However he got corrupted in 2013 and began to punish people for no apparent reason. He took the name Baron Henrich Zemo II to be intimidating for the criminals. Mayor Kravindish is on of the shortest mayor as he stands at 5'5'. His son turned corrupt and began a life of crime in Equestria but Kravindish understood the true meaning of being a hero and managed to capture his own son and imprison him in HSP. After that day, Kravindish became good and learned about SPARTA!!!.


Kravindish in the 80's

Hyrule State PrisonEdit

During his days in HSP like the warden, Kravindish committed miscalculations that ended in making prison crisis. Mayor Kravindish decided to triple security in the prison in case of Starscream escapes from it but the plan was a failure and Starscream escapes leaving a great hole in the wall being followed by other prisoners. Mayor Kravindish wanted to fix many things in prison putting Spaghetti like the lunch of every day and engage a clown to make fun, but the clown resigned later. Still, the paying that he gives to the employees in prison is very miserable and illegal.

Character InfoEdit


his son is EVIL!!!


  • Law and Order
  • Being the number 1 in his own style
  • Telling people that what they do is against the law (despite the fact that he hates the people that do illegal things)
  • Good
  • Angry Birds


  • Vandalism
  • Evil
  • People who do illegal things




This is illegal you know00:03

This is illegal you know.

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