May Maple is a penniless uneducated stripper who was abandoned by her parents when she was 10 years old when she didn't live up up to her younger brother's example. She traveled through the Hoenn region with Ash Ketchum under the usual false impression that she was of value to him.



At the age 10, May had an abnormally mature bust size which she was proud to show off.

On her 10th birthday May was given a Torchic to begin her lifelong journey. She did not care for Pokémon or any of the things she could have done with her new friend. But when she fell for Ash's bike wrecking trick and followed him around, she became interested in entering contests. Her performances started out horrible, always losing to a dickhole named Drew. By the time she was more experienced and her career peaked, Ash got tired of her and moved on to Sinnoh.

Sometime after suffering a loss to Dawn, May retired from the contest business and found herself sent to live with her grandparents. She soon met Stromboli who got her a job at his strip joint downtown where she made easy money thanks to her youthful appearance and lack of gunshot wounds. When the club closed down, May had to find some other ways to make money. This was only the beginning of her downward spiral.


May has an extremely poor reputation for being good for nothing but giving blowjobs, taking off her clothes, and her encyclopediac knowledge of worldwide skankology. This has gotten her kicked out of clubs, shooed away by passers-by, flunking out of high school, and ultimately thrown out of the house by her parents. Her grandparents who took her in are also frowned upon since they couldn't be bothered to help her.

She also has a reputation for suing people without meaning and making false accusations of rape, as with what happened with Juan. It doesn't help that Stromboli is also a lawyer, which makes cases get very ugly quickly.



May approaching another disgusted pedestrian.

May would usually seen staggering through the streets, offering various services to those who so much as glance at her. Most people would throw change just to get away from her. She was usually harmless, but would carry a knife with her.


On August 31, 2012, May was arrested for public disturbances such as nudity, intoxication, and lewdness. She was to be punished for this and other crimes she was found guilty of, but the judge understood that she was merely a victim of parental abandonment and social rejection with no form of guidance or support and showed sympathy.



May, now suffering from clinical depression.

May is now living in a foster home and still working for Stromboli. She is now a teenage prostitute who only keeps 10% of her earnings with the rest going to the wicked puppeteer. Due to her current instability, she is prone to violent outbursts and chucking her Pokémon at anyone who provokes her.