Max (born 2009; age 9) is the younger brother of May and the favorite of the Maple family. Since the age of 5, Max has had nearly perfect grades unlike his sister.


When Max was born, his parents were already having doubts about May and made sure they didn't make the same mistakes. By the age of 5, he was already being taught biology and doing chores. He did not mind his parents piling their expectations on him and developed an ego from his superiority over his piers, despite his classmates thinking he's annoying.

Max dreamed of going to college, being a Pokémon professor, and being accepted into Colress's Church of Sciencology. May would object to this and try to convince him that their parents are trying to control him, only to find herself being sent to her grandparents house; allegedly to be disciplined but really to be pushed out of Max's way.