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Mary O'Nette (at least that's what I think her name is) is a creepily lifelike marionette who seems to be partially sentient, that serves as the current mascot for DirecTV's Wireless Genie advertising campaign.  She does not like when people talk about how wires are "ugly" due to her being a marionette operated by a bunch of wires and a person or tracking machine.  At some times she can be graceful, or "jazzy" as her husband describes it in her movements, while at others she is humorably unable to complete the simplest of tasks (like pouring out cups of lemonade) while struggling with her wires.  Her commercials used to be funny, however after a rather sexist commercial many questions have been asked about it and every other commercial that has followed.  She is currently engaged to a human male, but interestingly their one son is a full marionette, which goes against Mendell's Law of Genetic Recombination if Mary is capable of being pregnant, which is also not determined yet.  Also, if Mary and her husband do have sex, would he ever get a splinter in his penis, since he's humping with a puppet?  Which brings us to the question of whether Mary's husband is ever uncomfortable or even aware that Mary is a puppet who may be controlled by, for all we know, a gay stalker who uses hot puppets to get the attention of unsuspecting males.  This leads us to ask who is controlling Mary in the first place, if at all.  If not, then what is?  A possible suggestion was a high-tech tracking machine (which still would not explain how or if she could get outside of the house), which was not confirmed with Mary.  But the introduction of Mary's son completely denied the chances of a tracking machine being the answer.  How did this couple even meet, anyways?  Perhaps the unnamed human male found Mary struggling with her own wires while trying to put some random groceries into her cart, like how all couples normally meet?  Or maybe the man was seeking female companionship and built Mary himself, only to find her the next morning alive and failing miserably to make lemonade for the two of them...?  Mary O'Nette has not made an appearance in a YouTube Poop yet, but she will soon...very, very soon... >:D    Now excuse me while I go get some aspirin, I'm completely confused by this article which I have just written.
DIRECTV Marionette Wife Am I Pretty Commercial00:33

DIRECTV Marionette Wife Am I Pretty Commercial

Is he preparing to f*ck a puppet?

DirecTV TV Commercial - Marionettes Fight Dad00:31

DirecTV TV Commercial - Marionettes Fight Dad

I do not know what to say, just stay away from dads-in-law as they may get randomly aggressive...

TV Commercial - DirecTV - Marionettes - Play - Father & Son - Wires Are Not Ugly00:31

TV Commercial - DirecTV - Marionettes - Play - Father & Son - Wires Are Not Ugly

Oh look, they have a son. Why is he completely marionette when the dad is human?

DirecTV Commercial 2014 - Marionettes - No more wires!-000:31

DirecTV Commercial 2014 - Marionettes - No more wires!-0

Seriously, how did she even make that lemonade? And why did she sneak up on her husband from behind?

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