Marine the Raccoon
(first appearing in Sonic Rush Adventure before use in YTP) is the most annoying person in the YouTube Poop World. She also speaks in an Australian accent, which makes people want her to shut up even more. Her Ex-boyfriend faked his own death just to get away from her.

Joining the UMAEdit

Halfway through the UMA-Skodwarde Squad War, the United Monsters of America (now the Death Squad) was losing and the UMA leader, Dark Tails became desprate. So he hired Marine. She became the first, and only, female member. She is also the only non-evil member, and she is completely unaware that the UMA is evil.

Betraying the Death SquadEdit

Later the UMA got sick of her talking, so they fired her. She later joined the T.D Squad

Spinge Squad SpyEdit

She betrays the T.D Squad revealing herself like the spy of the Spinge Squad.

Later, Mewtwo sends Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash to give her a betting. Actually Marine is in captivity by Rarity.


Later, Dark Tails later rescued Marine, meanwhile Rarity had sex with spike. That's when Marine noticed it. Dark Tails wasn't the same, his evil nature has overshadowed his personality. He changed. Marine was now a member of the Spinge Squad.

Likes and DislikesEdit



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