Manny Gribbleston
Manny during his torturous abuse.


Manny Brigs Gribbleston


Harry Krabs, Robin, and his dad


Paige the Notepad, Tony the Talking Clock, Shrignold, Collin The Computer,The Healthy Band , and the Annoying Lamp

Manny Gribbleston is an infrequent YTP character. He is a yellow puppet who looks like a cross between Ernie,Homer Simpson and Sid(the other yellow guy). He is the perpetual victim of people telling him to be 'more creative', which, ironically, isn't creative at all.

He hates Paige the Notepad, Tony The Talking Clock, Shrignold, Collin The Computer, The Meat, The Spinach and The Bread of DHMIS 5, or the Light from DHMIS 6, But his archenemy is not any antagonist in the DHMIS videos, his archenemy is Ernie, but Manny is way more inteligent compared to Sesame Street puppets but he is the most younger in the gang.


Harry appeared in 2004, without any clear DNA links to anyone. He was taken in by Harry Krabs and had a peaceful first few years. However, during the beginning of DHMIS, random people showed up, amusingly trying to get him to be more creative.

He got severe PTSD and depression, and later committed suicide but he was revived by Elmo and Harry Krabs

In 2015,he eated Robin because Sesame Street Gang doesnt had work until one minute after he eated Robin.But it was a clone of Robin,while the real one was in Japan along Mickey Mouse and Gumball Watterson.

In 2016, he became a green guy in a knockoff called Dont Scare Me im Hugged.

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