"I want to be hip with kids..."
– Mangle

Mangle Fnaf2

"Did someone said esoteric sex toy?"

Mangle is one the several freaky robots from FNAF 2. Mangle is likely LGBT because of its lipstick but it's manly features. It's not very popular because it gives people .


Mangle was created by Dr. Weird. He used left over parts and built it. The owner of the pizzeria bought the robot. Of course, it was left on MURDER mode and it kills the security guards at the Pizzeria. However, it was actually Toy Bonnie who dismantled her after every shift.


Holy Shipt! Mangle was put there for that extra "Pizzazz". It does the same thing as all the other robots: Eat and Rape You. Of Course, Mangle gets the head start from your first night on the job. If you see him/her, RUN LIKE HELL walk towards it.


Mangle is for sale but it costs $2, too much that not even Bill Gates can afford nor even look at it.



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  • Mangle is also the best player of Mario Party games (no one has been better than Mangle).
  • Mangle used to like Yo Momma's jokes until a shitty old man said to Mangle that its mother was just a piece of shit. The old man was found in a trash bin the next day.[[Category:]]

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