"I hope she makes lotsa spaghetti!"
Gay Luigi
Lotsa Spaghetti is one of the epic words to say. You will say if you like lotsa spaghetti! And also Meatballs.

The Amount of Spaghetti in Question 

Much debate has been spawned over the exact amount of spaghetti "Lotsa Spaghetti" entailes.  The two main theories are that it either is all of the spaghetti in the known universe or absolutely no spaghetti at all.  (these theories are called spaghetotalitarianism and despaighettism, respectively)

The Maker of the Spaghetti

Although the possibility of "her" making said spaghetti is, in fact, minimal, many spaghetotalinariests have suspected that she has, in fact, made lots of spaghetti, and that the spaghetti is, in fact, plentiful.

People who say this




  • Mario
  • Weegee
  • Gay Luigi
  • Papyrus
  • Link
  • Ganon
  • Bill Cipher