Lloyd the Rock'n Unicorn is a stupid unicorn from a awful show known as Lloyd the Rock'n Unicorn. 


Lloyd lives in the USA. He lives there because he hates Enchantus, his old world of course. He has some really annoying roommates such as Snakeface, a super villian who sounds like your grandmother. Cuddles, a HTF ripoff character. And.....that's it. People also make fun of him and confuse him for Lloyd the Rocket from Animal Crossing.

He has some pretty bizzare adventures in the real world. He can also become the superhero known as "The Rock'n Unicorn".

One day, he went to Morshu's shop in Koridia so he can kill Snakeface. Morshu said this to him:

"Sorry Lloyd, I can't give credit! Come back when you're a little.....MMMM less annoying!"

So, now. He has to survive with that annoying Snakeface.


One day, he was sued by Princess Celestia for taking Equestria and making some crappy ripoff of it. Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie, Rainbow, & Fluttershy were outraged of Lloyd's behavior. So, they did that rainbow thing and Lloyd was gone for good.

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