Link Nukem

Link Nukem is the Duke Nukem version of Link made by Achille12345. Debuting in Skies of CD-I Legends, Link Nukem wears shades, and his personality is the exact opposite of his original counterpart, and is given a 'badass' feel.


Link nukes is the son of King Dinnerem. He was present at the Link Wars as Master Link. Link Nukem tends not to show respect for those he finds useless (almost everyone), and gets through almost all his problems by his personality in general. Link Nukem is far beyond extremely powerful, and is shown to be even more powerful than Ultimate Weegee (however, the video saying so was made by Achille12345's brother, so it is non-canon). Link Nukem uses a variety of guns, such as the Link Nukem Blaster, and instead of carrying the Master Sword, carries two large swords on his back. The reason for this is that he can absorb any weapon or armor if he pleases, like the Master Sword, and can make them appear or disappear any time he decides. The only thing he cares very much about is his pet Octorock, and will make sure that anyone who threatens it dies.


He doesn't show very much mercy for his enemies, as he won't hold back on anyone who fought with him, wether or not they beg for mercy. Link Nukem is often even amazed by himself, which he admits to on occasion. He has preformed amazing feats, such as killing Iron Knuckles in just one hit without the use of the Power Glove. He can do so by using Armor Breaker, a unique skill designed specifically for that enemy. He was also able to easily beat Millitron, Iron Knuckle, Hectan, Harlequin, and Omfak all in one battle when he absorbed the Triforce.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Link Nukem is able to learn and perfectly replicate any move he sees, so he can use them against his opponents at a much stronger scale. His power is just so great that he can create a massive black hole. He never gives a f*ck and he is a very short-tempered and aggressive person. He is not actually the real Link as he is one of his clones.


Link Nukem VS Ultimate WeeGee Army01:05

Link Nukem VS Ultimate WeeGee Army

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