"But we're not really strangers, are we? This is kind of a little reunion, isn't it? Heck, I'm a fan. I love your writing... and your dress."
– Lex Luthor

Lex luthor

Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns

Lex Luthor is Superman's arch-rival. He also says WRONG!


Luthor was born to Hans and Maria Falza Luthor in Nuremberg, then part of the Holy Roman Empire, in 1483. By the time of Luthor's birth, his parents had already served a number of years as conjurers in the Prussian People's Republican Army, where he was raised as a young age by rebels in the ways of tactics and sorcery. The prodigious Luthor took to these studies quickly, and was able to master the lessons proffered to him by the more experienced rebels in the group, including his mother and father. At the age of fifteen, he rose to become the trophy winning fish munching Macawac of the Ockham Wing, which specialised in guerilla tantrics against the Roman Catholic Church in the Prague area.

Criminal careerEdit

Luthor was careful to avoid detection by Catholic authorities, his treachery was suspected by his fellow seminarians, and he was eventually reported to the Chief Priest. As punishment for attempting to subvert the Catholic Church, Luthor was subjected to mental torment and eventually banished to The Gap Between Dimensions, which was sealed off by Paladin himself.

It was during his exile that Luthor fully unleashed his powers. He was contacted by Satan, who desired to split apart the Catholic Church in order to put a stop to God's plan on Earth. Satan allowed Luthor's powers to mature, and convinced Luthor that the papacy was set to subjugate the human race by force; he also granted Luthor Immortality. Luthor broke free from The Gap Between Dimensions and used his sorcery to befuddle the Catholic authorities that were tracking him.


  • Saying WRONG!
    Lex luthor mech

    Lex Luthor's Kryptonite Mecha-Suit

  • Lois Lane
  • Killing Superman
  • Justin Bieber
  • FRED
  • Zombies
  • Porn
  • Guns
  • His Mecha-Suit
    • It shoots sex toys at Superman
  • Being Evil
  • Neo Cortex






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