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Lefou gets ready to SHRIKE UP THE BAND.

Lefou (born February 20, 1966 age 52) is the pathetic, abused side-kick/slave of Gaston whom he has un-dying respect for, and appears to be fine with Gaston beating him up all the time.

Description Edit

It is rumored Lefou is the result of the poor education system and a human making whoopie with a Goomba, for Lefou not only inherited the Goomba's intelligence but he also inherited the Goomba's awkward expressions. There is a rumor Lefou has died due to being stepped on by Mario thinking he was a Goomba.

In the years, Gaston and Lefou have had their "awkward moments", sometimes ending up with Gaston punching Lefou onto a table. (Only for Lefou to reply back to Gaston that everyone here would love to be Gaston, even when taking the dumps.) Sometimes Gaston would tell Lefou that he coulden't move from "that" spot until he, and/or Bell and her father come home. Of course, Lefou states, "Aw nuts", hitting any object around him. One time, a bunch of angry snowmen surrounded and raped him due to his violent actions. in 2008,was 42 year old was forced to drag race with was 48 year old M. Bison. when both tied, Bison tried to let lefou humble to dust. luckily,the hyrule police department arrested him and lefou was no questioned. lefou recalled they just said are you okay and i replied okay and arrested him. he is bisexual.



  • Gaston
  • Vodka
  • Being happy
  • Doing some rotteness
  • RAping people
  • Beer
  • Striking up the band
  • Insulting gaston



Aw, nuts!