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Lauren Faust
Full Name
Background Information
Alignment Neutral (God if you're a Brony, and Evil if you're a hater of this show)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 41
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Breast Size
Power Level
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Lauren Faust (born 1974, age 41) is a writer, animator, director and the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, also she cooperate in works like The Powerpuff Girls, Foster Home for Imaginary Friends. She wants to control all fans of My Little Pony and turn them into her slaves.

My Little PonyEdit

This new myth was crystallized by famous professional writer Lauren Faust in the long lost era of year 2010, when she dug up the dusty archives of YouTube to find a series of half-hour cocaine and beer commercials about a friend circle of magic cartoon ponies, pegasuses and unicorns titled "G3" which were meant to market diabetes-inducing toys to little girls. Charmed by the characters, she decided to make her own renditions of them in a better style thanks thanks to a pact with Satan. Satan in the Hell made them look like they had souls, an accomplishment thought inconceivable until then.

Hasbro got word of this and found great potential in such a step-up for their toy designs. They decided to requisition Faust's and her demonic ideas under section 27d of the SOPA act, so they could use them to fuel their marketing ploy brainwashing laser beam, unaware that they were about to unleash a powerful mind virus into the world and so they can knock The Burger King. However, it is an open secret among the fans that Lauren Faust is the sole designer, writer, director, voice-actor and animator of the entire cartoon series, and that she did a pact with Satan.

A 2011, a problem arose between Lauren and Satan, and Satan got angry saying Hasbro will pay with their souls for not giving him credit. Lord Tirek attack Hasbro Company and Lauren Faust escape from the place, leaving Hasbro at the mercy of Satan and the Hell. Then Meghan Mccarthy appears angry trying to kill Lauren, but she shoot Meghan in the head with a gun. Actually, Lauren Faust is living now in Equestria.

Equestria GirlsEdit

Many faggot mothers expressed disappointment that the film seemed to be pandering to this older audience, and that the approach "goes against everything that Pony was trying to prove." None of these fans, however, could state what it was that Pony had been trying to prove, and few ended up watching the film, preferring lengthy debates as to whether it fit the gender, then the mothers began to disturb Lauren Faust. Lauren Faust Angry, who produced Friendship Is Magic, killed and burned all the mothers, and that was the reason why the problem ended quick.


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