300px-Large larry
Larry the Cucumber
is Bob the Tomato's mentally ill butler. He tends to mess up his name alot (ex. ¨Cucumber-Cucumber-Cuke¨).

Silly SongsEdit

Larry is always spontaneously breaking out in song when in situations of anxiety or curiosity. He sings about whatever is around him at the given moment be it his soap operas, waiting for his pizza, or completely random things like water buffaloes. Sometimes, when the context of his song is too confusing, he uses slide a projector, unaware that he has no audience.

Mental IllnessEdit

Larry has been severely traumatized by being forced to help Bob in his henious plans to the point of instability and depression. He sometimes vents his anger by insulting Bob, (in Spanish of all ways) and his ability to dance, something he cannot do due to having no limbs. He sees a therapist every Wednesday, but usually only talks about his lip fetish. Sometimes to annoy Bob, he would tell long gibberish stories to mess up Bob's messages.

Multiple Personality DisorderEdit


At night, after watching Batman movies, he turns into Larry Boy a "superhero" who is tries to save Bumbleeburg from disaster caused by Junior. All he ever does is goof off in the background until Junior solves the problem himself.

The Pirates Who Don't Do AnythingEdit

Larry lives on a ship with Mr. Lunt and Pa grape who also have interesting stories that lead them to identity crisis. The closest things to piracy they commit are milking money off the government an stealing cable from their neighbors.

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