Larry Revere
Full Name Larry Goddamn Revere
Background Information
Hometown Somewhere
Status Alive
Likes Nothing
Dislikes Everything
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Commander
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Religion N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 51
Hair Color Light Red-Dirty Blonde
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Green
Height 7' 1"
Weight 250 lbs.
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Davis Finlay
Enemies Herbert Storbert
Date Joined
Larry Revere (born February 1986, age 51) is a foolishly bucktoothed ginger who lives in the same fortress as Davis Finlay and Samuel Edwin. He also lives in a mountain with his husband where he acts like an offensive little baby and comes out to do the same with his equally annoying friend, Finlay.

Revere has gone from inspiring yet absent minded to a childish and violent mobster that people can somehow stand to like. The only people who love him is kids because they can relate to this gay pedophile better than anybody else

He is the most gay character in the YouTube Poop World. He has also shown to be crazy, brainless, and especially idiotic.

Appearance Edit

Revere has hair that ranges from light ginger to dirty blonde, depending on the lighting. His eyebrows are shaped like sideways letter "N"s, and one of his eyes is much larger then the other. He is covered in injuries, including a large cicatrix over his left eye, which he got in a battle, rendering it visionless in the process. He has a beard, as well as random splotches of blood, including one on the right side of his head, on some tears in his sleeves and trousers, some of which caused by his various disfigurements. He normally wears a dark yellowish green coat with a white and medium grey undershirt, and dark green pants with an anonymously yellow spot.

Trivia Edit

  • He hates a ton of people for no reason.
  • He is a big fan of Just2Good, even having a tattoo of his channel icon on his penis, which explains why it is so wobbly.
  • He masturbates to this every night and every morning in his mountain.
  • He loves Shrek so much that he let Shrek rape him.
  • He's not actually Scottish, but he fakes it to get attention.