A human-lamp couple.

Lamp Marriage is the act of an intelligent life form marrying a lamp. This is seen as a major issue in some countries, as the smart people are okay with it...and the retarded religious people aren't. Lamp Marriage has become a sensitive topic worldwide, and can cause major fights.

In some countries, such as Bikini Bottom and Minecraftia, Lamp Marriage is federally legal. However in other countries, such as Murica and Arendelle, Lamp Marriage is banned. In Canada, Lamp Marriage laws are based on the province. Both President Patrick and President Comys spoken in the favor of Lamp Marriage, however, many creationist put their fingers in their ears and scream hate about Lamp Marriage. Some people believe that loving lamps is a choice, however, Wumbo University discovered that the attraction towards lamps is determined before birth.

Common CritisismsEdit

  • If people can marry lamps, they'll soon start marrying chairs and tables!!
  • The Bible says so.
  • Hey man, I want to use that lamp.

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