YTP Lolzilla06:28

YTP Lolzilla

LOLZilla is a YTP of the recent Hollywood Godzilla remake, directed by Dr. Robotnik. It was released on August 2014 and is the first Commander Frog YTP. He did it because he felt there weren't enough Godzilla YTPs. It's a tiny YTP, but it's gaining ground as it has now reached 148 views as of September 19th, 2014.


For a time, Godzilla has hardly ever been done in the world of YTP. Sure there were a few hits such as Godzilla Verbally Shouts Sexual threats at a helicopter. But, in general, just straight-up not that many Godzilla YTPs. When Robotnik established his Youtube account Commander Frog, he wanted to make a Godzilla YTP so there would be more of them. And thus, LOLZilla was born.

LOLZilla was unleashed onto the web on August 2014, and was Robotnik's most viewed YTP to date until Baymax Tortures his master surpassed it significantly. However, the video now has 329 views.

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