The Island of Koridai.

Koridai is an island long owned by Ganon and now owned by Hyrule. Billy Mays founded this place when he was in vacations on Hyrule.

Before HyruleEdit

Ganon was created on the island along with the islanders. Since then, they have made civilizations. Then Ganon used to kill people here as his own reign of nightmares until Link and Gwonam went to the place to imprison Ganon in the book of Koridai.


Koridai is now a center of tourism in Hyrule. The Faces of Evil, carved out of the mountains of Koridai by Ganon, are the main attrractions. Ipo also has a library there that boasts the largest collection of books in the YouTube Poop World. Soon after, Shell City was built there to sell useless junk.

40 years before Hyrule vs. The Giant Mosqitoes, giant Mosquitos mutated by radiation attacked, killing thousands. They were soon trapped in the book of Koridai.

Post YTPwar1V Edit

after the war the Koffi republic took over the island and other small nations. But ignored The new free nation of Gameleon

People who have been the greatest face of KoridaiEdit

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