Kobaki: is not a monster, but an intelligent, gentle creature who really doesn't want to harm humans (yeah right).


  • Their place in the YTP world is much the as a lion or T-rex IRL or the thanator on Pandora.
  • It's the 2ND OC on YTP to have Impact on the YTP world, The first been the Black Hiver
  • It has some of the same colors of Bugs Bunny
  • They have been know to stalk humans sometimes, to eat but just out of pure curiosity.
  • They are not dragons at all, They are really more closely related to Mammals.
Battel of the top predators

A Kobaki facing up to a Sea-bear

  • The thing they are best known for is there X-wing,

Or just their wing hands that has TWO long wing fingers.

  • This cloud be called a over gorwn furby.

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