"You can have, MY BIG GAY DANCE!"
King Dedede to Mario
King Dedede s in YTP
King Dedede SSB4

Dedede in Smash

King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion02:33

King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion

Dedede inhales a Negative Ion (Don't try this at home, kids!)

King Dedede, or just Dedede, is the king of Planet Pop Star. He should be the hero and the series should be called "Dedede's Dream Land," but he isn't. Why not? Because everyone likes this pink puffball named Kirby better than their own king. WTF? Over time, Dedede got jealous and became evil just to get everyone to like him again, which just made the people hate him moar. Eventually, Dedede gave up trying to be better than Kirby, but when he did, evil phsycos invaded Pop Star and used magic to posses Dedede and force him to fight Kirby to stop him themselves, so Kirby ended up rescuing Dedede on several occasions, making him look like a wuss.

King Dedede (デデデ大王 Dedede Daio in JP)
Full Name
Background Information
Occupation "The King!", Regular HNC Customer,
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Penguin fat-ass
Gender Male (he's a friggin' KING after all!)
Age wtf??
Hair Color feathers blue
Fur Color
Eye Color purple (rare eye color!)
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined
Dedede was born in a town called Dream Land, and the castle in which he resides is in the middle of that same town.  He lives on a mountain in Dream Land that had a name but is now called Mount Dedede.

Dedede Inhales a Negative IonEdit

YTP King Dedede Inhales a Positive Ion01:51

YTP King Dedede Inhales a Positive Ion

Dedede should stop inhaling things.

King Dedede's reign over Pop Star almost came to an end when he purchased a Negative Ion to become powerful enouhg to simply destroy Kirby and intimidate everyone into liking him.  Sadly, though, Dedede had no knowledge of chemistry whatsoever, and did not realize that Negative Ions are toxic.  Throughout the day, Dedede experienced symptoms including irritability, cracking of the voice, and hallucinations, and finally, a devastating headache that forced Dedede to lie down in bed, where he would have died at the end of the day.  Then King Harkinian launched an attack to take over Pop Star by sending a renowned assassin called Meta Knight to get rid of Kirby, but the attack failed when Kirby inhaled a Negative Ion himself, which led to much better results.  Then Dedede's fatigue stopped temporarily, allowing him to go and try to cure himself.  He tried to do so by counteracting with a Positive Ion, but again Dedede's utter lack of chemistry knowledge led to disastrous results.  The two Ions simply fused together to form a Radioactive Isotope which was even more toxic.  Dedede underwent worse symptoms including lack of skill with his Magic Hammer, constant fatigue, compulsive dancing, and his hallucinations turned into full-blown schizophrenia.  Luckily, Dedede bumped into the same guy who sold him the Ions, and he cured Dedede by selling a monster that raped Dedede to destroy the Isotope that resulted from inhaling the Ions.  Meanwhile, Meta Knight attacked Pop Star again, this time because he had a personal vendetta against Kirby for getting atom dust all over his beautiful armor.  Kirby defeated Meta Knight this time by engineering a Uranium Molecule to nuke him.

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