He is so dashing and charming isn't he? NO

Juan is the eighth gym leader of the Hoenn region, but is more known for being a suave, slick, dandy charmer who shows up to playboy clubs.

As the Eighth Gym LeaderEdit

Juan was miraculously able to maintain his position as the final gym leader in the Hoenn region even though his team includes the weakest crap in the Pokémon universe known as Luvdisc. He also taught the far-superior champion Wallace all he knows about sex. 

Current Life Edit

Juan 1

He is quite arrogant, but also charming

In July 14, 2012, Juan lost ownership of his gym after being sued for sexual harassment by none other than May. Though May, infamous for being a prostitute is well known in court for all her trial hearings, the jury unanimously found Juan guilty of "promiscuousity", and thus Juan was banished from Sootopolis City. 

Going through bouts of frustration and chronic depression, Juan can be found at the local strip tavern, drowning himself in booze and looking at naked bitches he wants to fuck, because he wants to forget seeing those horrible things that May used to seduce him.

Juan is admired by many women, and adored by gay men who love to see him naked. He is charming, arrogant, and dashing, often looking for new adventures that he can dig his cock into. Cause we all know he is a fresh piece of a handsome beefcake.