Dammit Josh
J rats

Josh preventing rats to enter in Canada.

Josh is the brother of You, who is known to be extremely lazy. Josh had the important job of being the only person in the world that can prevent forest fires, but he spent his time watching My Little Pony and praying to Shrek everynight before bed. Then he got a the job as patrol in which he did a notable work, but then he got his old job back, which means that this guy has a serious bipolar problem.



Josh was born only two years after You was born, the doctor was declared He better then You. Growing up, Josh had a better social life then You, and was actually liked. It is noted that his parents obviously loved Josh more then You.

Josh's JobEdit

Many years later, Josh managed to get his own monster truck and use it to travel around the world so the gods then gave Josh the honor of being the only person in the world who can stop forest fires, and gave You a paper bad to put over it's head. Everything was great at first, but then Josh became not only a brony, but also a brogre and eventually a clopper. He then spent his time watching Shrek and My Little Pony 24/7, and the forest was burned down. This is why Canada lacks trees.

Josh the PatrolEdit

The gods decided to give Josh a easier job than before and it consisted of preventing rats from entering holes he had to protect, a job in which Josh used his knowledge about video games and turned the security control into a video game and killed the rats one by one until he destroyed a giant robotic rat and won the battle. He did this once every 3 days due to the rats only invading at that interval.

Old JobEdit

Josh eventually got lazy, which resulted in rats falling into the holes. However, the holes were full of very sensitive incendiary bombs, causing MOAR fires. He was then fired and assigned back to his old job.

Character InfoEdit



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