Disney Goebbels says "Iss ve not der Supermen?"

Joseph Goebbels is a nazi worried that their own existence and was deciding suicide during the World War II. He likes to play the trombone.


Goebbels was recruited by Benito Mussolini during the World War II only to clean toilets during the cold war. Goebbels was disturbed by faggot chinese called Hideki Tojo and a fatass called himself like the Super duper super man. Goebbels gave them both a beating by disrespect and started to be a leader in the nazi group.




With assistance from Claude Frollo, Duncan manipulates Hirohito into believing Goebbels and Mussolini are having an affair. Hirohito, unaware Goebbels is gay, and believing Mussolini (his boyfriend) to be capable of cheating on him, kills them both personally, neither of them knowing why.

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