How can you possibly not love this cutey!

Miss Jiggles is the name of the same Jigglypuff that followed Ash and company around for a record deal from Kanto through Hoenn. Unfortunately, she always sang everyone to sleep and liked to draw on people's faces. 


Miss Jiggles had a lot of trouble starting her career. At first, no one would ever listen to her and whoever heard her singing would fall asleep due to her hypnotic powers that she couldn't control. She would get mad at this and draw on everyone's faces with her microphone that doubles as a marker.

Jiggles was not without talent, however, and she was so good that she was able to put ferocious monsters like Aerodactyl to sleep, saving Ash Ketchum's life. She may have regretted this decision after Ash dumped her, though.

Breakout and Mainstream Success

Miss jiggles

Miss Jiggles is about to draw on you!

After years of obscurity, studying opera, flying, and drawing on people's faces, Miss Jiggles was able to create a CD with the help of Capitol Records after being introduced by Michael Jackson. Her first classical album Lullaby Crash became a #1 hit on the Billboard Charts for ten months, tripling platinum, and made her a household name. One of her hit singles was a song about Ash Ketchum dumping her behind in Hoenn, as Miss Jiggles never gave up her crush on him. Fans would often want her to draw on their faces.

Abilities and Other Achievements


Let's not forget that without Miss Jiggles, Ash wouldn't even be here! THAT JERK!

Jigglypuff microphone

Limited Edition Miss Jiggles Microphones, each worth $2,300.

With the success of Lullaby Crash, Miss Jiggles bagged seven grammies at the 56th Grammy Awards and knocked Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears off the hit-popers list. She even became the #1 most powerful breakout celebrity of 2009 on Forbes Magazine, dethroning Oprah. Her new operatic abilities combined with her serene tone ensured that her audience would not fall asleep anymore.

Miss Jiggles also won the Miss Japanese Cutie-Pie pageant title for being so adorable. 

Miss Jiggles had her own "signature" microphone brand distributed during spring of 2012.


Miss Jiggles is a regular contender in the Super Smash Bros. fighting games where she cleans the field with her opponents by falling asleep. She has the ability to inflate herself to over fifty times her size and blow everyone to the high heavens when she receives the Smash Ball. As with her singing career, Jiggs has a small base of haters who say she doesn't deserve to be in the game and use the most insane logic to back up their claims.